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Perks of Being A Theatre Lover Meetup

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It’s hard to argue with a show that has mermaids, effeminate pirates, and slapstick comedy when it has won five Tony-Awards. That show is Peter and the Starcatcher, the Off-Broadway turned Broadway turned Off-Broadway play based on the book by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. For fans of Peter and Hook, this prequel to Peter Pan reveals the origins of the boy who never grows up and the girl who flies away with him. It’s a frantic and exuberant chase for the magical starstuff, which has mysterious—and life-changing—properties.

If you’re curious exactly what starstuff can do to a person, our Meetup group is hosting a discounted showing of Peter and the Starcatcher. Come join other theatre lovers and see the most hilarious adventure in New York!

Photo Credit: Jenny Anderson

  • 20 September 2013
  • 71